Welcome to TRAKK – the easy way to track your fitness everywhere. If you’re already a member of a TRAKK-enabled gym that uses a smart card, wrist band or tag, you should have received your login details by email. If you’re not already a member; you can sign up here – it’s free!

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What is TRAKK?

At the gym

Pulse Fitness equipment automatically tracks your distance, speed, heart rate, weight lifted and calories burned. Your trainer can even create a personalised workout plan just for you!

Get the app

Use the TRAKK app to track walking, running and cycling routes with GPS, plus log other activities such as classes, swimming and other sports.

In clubs that don't use a smart card, use TRAKK Tracker to scan QR codes to save your workout results.

Track your progress

Motivate yourself with a personal goal and track your progress towards it. TRAKK puts detailed workout results at your fingertips, accessible any place, any time.